One often needs to state data in program source. Python, however, needs its lines indented just so. Multi-line strings therefore often have extra spaces and newline characters you didn’t really want. Many developers “fix” this by using Python list literals, but that has its own problems: it’s tedious, more verbose, and often less legible.

The textdata package makes it easy to have clean, nicely-whitespaced data specified in your program, but to get the data without extra whitespace cluttering things up. It’s permissive of the layouts needed to make Python code look and work right, without reflecting those requirements in the resulting data.

Python string methods give easy ways to clean text up, but it’s no joy reinventing that particular wheel every time you need it–especially since many of the details are nitsy, low-level, and a little tricky. textdata is a “just give me the text!” module that replaces a la carte text cleanups with simple, well-tested code that doesn’t lengthen your program or require constant wheel-reinvention.